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Luke & Cara

“Honestly, Luke and I are speechless. From the beginning we felt this overwhelming love they had for working with us to make it all so perfect. It’s so refreshing working with amazing Christian vendors like the Laning’s. We can’t thank you enough & definitely can’t wait to see all the pictures!!!!!!!! 5 stars x10000”


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Sean & Amy

“A husband and wife team. We booked the Laning’s last minute, however they worked hard to accommodate and didn’t miss a beat. Hannah walked in and had this overwhelming peace about her. I HATE having my picture taken, I’m a big time tomboy, with my fair share of insecurities, but she was so kind and made me feel SO comfortable, despite a minor panic attack (I just freaked at the thought of a ton of people looking at me 😒). Now enter Nick, he walks in and is HILARIOUS. A genius at his craft I can tell you that. I loved listening to him and Hannah run ideas off of one another. They worked so well with one another. We galloped through a field of camel poop together and they were both willing to do whatever it took to get the shots they envisioned and ensured I got everything I wanted. They seemed to have a good time and that helped a more natural flow of things. I would often ask for a picture with a family member or friend and they were always close by in our huge venue. The Laning’s also worked well and perfectly patient with my grumpy (grandpa) with end stage dementia, who had a difficult time. As I got teary a few times Nick would say “it’s okay to feel things,” and we would just continue on, and it WAS ok it was better than ok, it was perfect. They communicate wonderfully and answer any question you can throw at them as a nervous bride. I love their moody style pictures as I am not at all a light and airy bride, but I’ve seen they can master it all. They both were so excited to incorporate our cars, which are our babies. My only regret is not meeting them sooner and having an engagement shoot. I can’t say enough about how wonderful they are. My wedding coordinator LOVED working with them as this was her first time. My husband LOVED having them photograph our wedding, and it’s what he fought me hardest on. (A “fancy” photographer) (however they were VERY affordable) If we had to do it all again, we would choose Laning Photography a million times over.”



Tyler & Joade

“I will forever use this wonderful couple for photos. Both Hannah and Nicholas are so easy to work with and such a joy to be around. I used them for engagements, bridals, and my wedding and I am so happy I did. They did not miss a single moment at our wedding, yet they blended right in as welcomed guests. There is not one photo we don't love! I received several comments from family and friends about how fun the photographers were. I will recommend Laning Photography everyday. Tyler and I are so happy we found y'all!”