Wedding Lab

I am pumped. Hannah and I have been brainstorming up what we want to blog about, and what I am most excited about is exploring how to do unique weddings. Pinterest has given the impression that weddings are these super creative events in the year 2019, but the truth is that most weddings are pretty similar. They are structured the same, people wear the small basic things, they are decorated similarly, and the photography is usually very conservative and similar too. None of which is even slightly bad or wrong in any way. Traditional weddings are gorgeous, and they are done so because most wedding traditions are great. This blog is not about judging the box that is traditional weddings or even what is trending. It is simply a safe and fun place to consider maybe expanding the box.

So, one of the ways I intend to expand that box as a photographer is from time to time to take some of our photos and just go a little nuts with them. Edit them in unique ways. Take these photos and see what where we can go with them, see what emotions are brought up. Hit or miss, my hope is simply expand my own perspective and yours.

I know, it’s not the craziest edit, but I have wanted to edit a wedding this way forever. This black and white is super contrasty and crisp, but what makes it a little quirky is its slightly yellowish tint. It’s not tan or brown like sepia. It’s almost like a black and white print that has been left out in the sun a bit too long.

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